How to Find a New Physician

To find a physician, you will likely need to start with your health insurance. On the back of your insurance card, there will be a phone number for customer service or a website that will list physicians in your area that accept your insurance.

For physicians that accept Medicare, go to
On the left side of the page, click on “Find Doctors and Other Health Professionals.”  The next page will allow you to search by zip code and specialty for a physician that accepts Medicare.

Some insurances may require you have a referral from a primary care physician (typically an internal medicine, family medicine or geriatric medicine physician) in order to see a specialist (such as a geriatric neurologist).

The major health systems in the tri-county area also have Physician Finder services.  However, it’s important to remember that not all physicians are able to accept new patients.  Some of the Physician Finders will allow you to search or indicate if the physician is accepting new patients.  In other cases, you may need to call the physician office directly.  The physician finder services are listed below:


1-517-975-6000. Press Option 3.

Commonly Used Area Physician Practices and Clinics

Mid-Michigan Physicians
(517) 913-3900

MSU Health Team
(517) 353-3050

Sparrow Senior Health 
(517) 364-8670

Ingham County Health Department Community Health Centers     
(517) 887-4311

River Oak Health Center
(517) 244-8060

Birch Health Center
(517) 244-8030

Willow Health Center
(517) 702-3500

Forest Community Health Center
(517) 887-4302

Lansing Veteran’s Community Clinic
(517) 267-3925

Care Free Medical Equipment        
(517) 887-5922

Cristo Rey Health Clinic
(517) 371-1700

Visiting Physician Services

Careline Health Group
(517) 212-9000

Visiting Physicians Association
(517) 347-4085

Visiting Doctors P.C
(517) 788-9700

Visiting Podiatrists

Dr. Rebecca Elzinga
(517) 721-1298

Rehabilitative Services

Fox Rehab
(877) 407-3422

The Center for Physical Rehabilitation
(517) 347-2495