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2021 Annual Implementation Plan

Michigan’s 16 area agencies on aging (AAA) are regional, non-profit agencies created by federal and state legislation to respond to the needs of older adults in every local community. These entities are, in part, funded by AASA and each is a designated planning and service area which operates a service delivery system that offers a range of community-based supports and services. Tri-County Office on Aging (Region 6) proudly serves Clinton, Eaton and Ingham Counties.

Under standard C-2 of the Operating Standards for Area Agencies on Aging, the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) must operate under a Multi-Year Plan/Annual Implementation Plan (MYP/AIP) approved by the State Commission on Services to the Aging (CSA) to ensure proper implementation of the mandates of the Older Americans Act and the Older Michiganians Act.

As a continuation of the 2020-2022 Multi-Year Plan, the TCOA 2021 AIP will maintain identified Goals and Objectives and corresponding activities.

A 2021 Annual Implementation Plan can be found here (click this link), or as requested. The Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging approved the FY 2020 AIP extension with attached FY 2021 AIP updates for TCOA on August 21, 2020.

FY 2020-2022

Click here to view the approved Multi-Year Plan, including proposed Goals, Objectives and Activities.

Click here to view a summary of the approved area plan.

Click here to view a summary of the Needs Assessment results.